Transitioning Parents Out of Their Home and Into Assisted Living

November 7, 2020

Number one - don't feel overwhelmed!  It is possible to make a smooth and easy transition by bringing in the correct professionals to help and creating a game plan by thinking about the questions below.  I recently sold 5036 Rolling Meadows in Rolling Hills Estates.  The owner had lived there for 48 years and had accumulated a lifetime full of memories and treasures. He was not sure he wanted to let go of any of it.  His family didn’t feel it was safe for him to be living by himself anymore, and they wanted him to move closer to them with the best option being an Assisted Living Center.  I run into this situation often, and I have helped many families make the transition with their parents.  There are many ways that we can approach transitioning them into a safer living situation, but often it feels like an overwhelming and impossible task.  That is where we can step in and offer the guidance and support to make the move as easy as possible.

Here are some of the first decisions to make:

  1. Where are they moving too?  It is usually best if their new home is idenitifed and they understand where they will be moving.
  2. Will they be taking any of their current possessions to their new home?  Some living situations come fully furnished and they may not need any of their current furniture.
  3. Next there are the choices regarding their current possessions:
    1. Does the family want any of the items?  It is a good time to bring in Post-it Notes and start deciding who would like which items.
    2. Do we need to bring in an Auction house for any fine art?  There are many auction houses who will come in and give free opinions on what items would be illegible for a fine art auction.  If you feel your parents might have collect a few treasures over the years these auction houses will get you a much better price then a yard sale.
    3. Is there jewelry that they no longer need or wanted and needs to go to the appropriate auction sites?  Websites like the "Real Real" specialize in selling fine jewerly, branded costume jewerly, designer purses and shoes.  The exposure to their six million followers will guarantee you get the fair value for these items.
    4. Do we do an Estate Sale or is donating the items they don’t need a better option?  We can bring in an appraiser to value the property they want to donate and it is possible to get a tax write off of these times.
    5. Next is getting their current house ready for sale or rent.   
    6. Talk to their CPA to see whether renting or selling the current house is a better option?
    7. Are there repairs needed to get the house ready for sale or new tenants?  
    8. What is the most cost effective way to upgrade the house for either and what is required?


Once we have your parents safely moved into their new home, we then begin the processes of emptying and getting the house ready to be sold or leased.  The process can move fairly quickly depending on how the family wants to proceed, and we can have the house ready for market within a few weeks. 

I first met with the owner and his daughter and son-in-law on August 5th.  They were overwhelmed by the volume of personal possessions and were sure that the task ahead of them would be impossible to accomplish.  I reassured them that I had done this before and that I loved a challenge!  Together, we could get it done with the team I have assembled over the years.  By October 4th we were on the market. We received 19 offers and the house was sold by October 9th. We closed escrow October 20th at $180,000 over our asking price.  In a little over two months we had the house emptied and their father safely relocated into his new living situation close to their home.  

The best part process was the review the seller's son posted regarding our services:

“As someone who has been in the Real-estate industry for over 40 years, Suzanne Dyer is by far one of the best I have ever worked with!  Our family was recently challenged with the need to sale our family home, which was an amazing property, with a less than amazing house.  Suzanne is the ultimate professional, she knows every aspect of selling such a unique property, and she truly knows the Palos Verdes market.  We believe Suzanne’s experience with estate sales, her seasoned knowledge of the area, along with her extremely sharp marketing, pricing and staging advice, really helped us to sale and close our family home at top dollar and in record time.  Suzanne is extremely honest, knowledgeable, and responsive. Suzanne introduced us to her magnificent contacts, and between them and Suzanne’s help, we were able to prepare and stage our family home for listing, quickly, professionally, and well below what we had budgeted.  Through Suzanne’s many years of experience, the process was steadfast and seamless. Suzanne knows the Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estate market, and knows exactly what it will take to get the highest offers. If you are looking for the best and most knowledgeable agent and confidant, you need to hire and work with Suzanne!  She will exceed all of your expectations, she is amazing!!   Thank you, Suzanne, from the bottom of our Hearts!

Thank you again for all your help, support and knowledge, but most of all for your friendship along the way.

God Bless you, please stay safe and well.

Thank you again,

Tom and Lauri

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