6 Things to Hide When You Sell a House

June 18, 2021

The overflowing garbage can in plain sight or the messy kitchen counter. These are all too common mistakes that appear in way too many listing photos. And with nearly 97% of homebuyers today conducting their property search online, it’s important that you get a home photo ready. You want to prepare the space so that it can be seen in its best light. Here are six things to remove or remedy ahead of listing a home, according to real estate photographers:

Tall Vases
Large floral arrangements and vases might look impressive in person, but they can be distracting in a two-dimensional photo and can actually hide the depth of a room.

Small Rugs
There’s nothing wrong with displaying larger area rugs, but floor mats and runners tend to make a space look smaller. You want to be able to see the original flooring, especially if there's hardwood floors or tiles.

Too Many Appliances
No, you don’t have to make the refrigerator or oven pull a disappearing act. But smaller appliances should be stored away to keep counters clean and open as much as possible.

Mismatched Light Bulbs
You can have eclectic taste in lamps and lighting fixtures, just not the bulbs. “Warm” and “cool” lightbulbs tend to clash in photos. The best way to avoid this is to simply buy all the same type of bulb for a room.

Messy Bedding
In addition to tucking in those corners and making throw pillows stand at attention, make sure to flip around bed pillows so that the opening of the pillow case isn’t visible to the camera.

Active TV Screens and Ceiling Fans
Photographers often take multiple exposures of a room, which means images on a screen and fan blades in motion can turn up as a blur. Make sure they’re switched off when it’s time to take photos.

You rarely get a second chance to make a good first impression. Here are some additional tips for getting a listings ready for its close up:
  •     Put in a fresh roll of toilet paper in each bathroom
  •     Unplug or conceal power cords
  •     Remove all pet toys and dishes
  •     Hide calendars (they can date a listing)
  •     Straighten photo frames
  •     Clear the refrigerator of all magnets, papers and photos
  •     Pack away family photos and personal items



Source: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

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